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Clean Rooms

Ad: Clean Rooms
Numara: 4594
Yer: GA, US
Çözüm: Temiz odalar
Ürünler: Hareketli Yapılar
Boyut: 8.8m x 8.2m (29' x 27')
Kaplama : 10mm polycarbonate side walls and 4mm monolithic roof panels
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This 25’ tall retractable clean room was created to keep the rest of the production area clean and free from dust during the grinding and sanding operation being conducted inside the enclosure. This aerospace company used the unique custom industrial 29′ wide retractable cover on the front of the Libart structure to open and close around the product and workstation inside. When not intended for all-season many Libart Enclosures due to their airtight qualities also serve as retracting clean rooms.
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