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Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant

Ad: Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant
Numara: 3588
Yer: Istanbul , TR
Çözüm: Otel
Ürünler: Hareketli Yapılar
Boyut: 6.2m x 22m (19' x 72' )
Kaplama : 6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 12mm Air gap + 4mm+4mm (insulated glass)
Bilgi al Portfolyaya Git Bir Sorum Var
When you reach the top floor of the Darkhill Hotel you will be amazed by the wonderfull bosphorus view. In this terrace that serves as a restaurant you will find different Libart products. At the first floor of the terrace you can watch our double glazed Lean-To system in action. When closed you can enjoy your meal in a warm enviroment with the awsome sea view and when the wheather permits, you enjoy a totally open terrace alone with the sky and the fresh bosphorus air.

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