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Istanbul Ukra Apartments

Ad: Istanbul Ukra Apartments
Numara: 4710
Yer: Istanbul , TR
Çözüm: Toplu Konut
Ürünler: Hareketli Yapılar
Boyut: 13m x 23m ( 42' x 75' )
Kaplama : 16x Solid PC
Bilgi al Portfolyaya Git Bir Sorum Var

This six section automatic swimming pool cover is located atop an apartment communities’ custom pool in Istanbul Turkey. Libart Technologies are the prime swimming pool enclosure and automatic swimming pool cover providers within the country and internationally. This retractable dome allows this apartments common area pool to be active 365 days a year.

Libart retractable swimming pool enclosures are a must have addition to any commercial or residential swimming pool design and far surpass any  DIY pool enclosure. This project is a weather proof enclosure allowing for “indoor comfort, outdoor freedom”.

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