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Machine Enclosures

Ad: Machine Enclosures
Numara: 4521
Yer: US
Çözüm: Temiz odalar
Ürünler: Hareketli Yapılar
Boyut: 4.8m x 12.8 ( 16' x 42' )
Kaplama : Vertical glazing, glass clear PC / Roofing sections in 10 mm twin-wall PC
Bilgi al Portfolyaya Git Bir Sorum Var
Precision construction work requires a safe and secure environment free of particles and hazards. This is where a Libart rolling machine cover can come in handy, giving contractors and engineers the isolation they need for their projects. Having this rolling clean room helps crew protect their sensitive equipment from accidental entrance, pollutants and particles whilst allowing sound control in the workshop. Our retractable machine enclosures can be used for a variety of purposes as the strength, security and quality of the enclosure lends itself to many types of engineering. See how our plethora of custom designs and experience can find a solution for any critical manufacturing need.

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