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Point Bornova Shopping Mall

Ad: Point Bornova Shopping Mall
Numara: 6686
Yer: Izmir/Turkey
Çözüm: Alışveriş Merkezleri ve İşletmeler
Ürünler: Hareketli Skylight Çatılar
Boyut: 11m x 20m (approximately) / 22 Systems
Kaplama : 8mm T + 16 + (4+4) laminated
Bilgi al Portfolyaya Git Bir Sorum Var

The trend of retractable enclosures is catching on. The concept of moving architecture caught on in Europe. In 2015 May Libart started on a major mall project with an innovative concept of combining outdoor street shopping experience with climate-controlled mall shopping convenience. Fitting with Libart’s philosophy of providing “Indoor comfort, outdoor freedom” spaces, the total retractable space will be 5,000 square meters. 

The mall features 22 retractable clearsky systems with insulated glass openings that are approximately 11m x 20m in size.

The project is planned to be finished in the last quarter of 2015. Even befor the installation finished the project brought a new concept to the world and other projects are started to fallow this concept. Libart has re-designed its clearsky systems to be used in such projects.

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Point Bornova Shopping Mall