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Thales Bar Kadikoy

Ad: Thales Bar Kadikoy
Numara: 4647
Yer: Istanbul , TR
Çözüm: Restorant ve Kafe
Ürünler: Hareketli Skylight Çatılar
Boyut: 15,5m x 8,5m ( 50' x 27' )
Kaplama : 6 mm tempered outher glass+10 mm air gap+(4+4)mm laminated inner glass
Bilgi al Portfolyaya Git Bir Sorum Var

The Thales Cafe in Kadikoy  Istanbul, hold the distinction of a completely glass and retractable patio cover. Libart architects have  designed and constructed the complete patio building, from retractable skylights  to folding glass panel door, to the whole support structure.

The durable vertical section of the sunroom is formed up of 10mm frame-less tempered glass sliding doors, that retract onto one another for a seventy five percentage opening. The fresh air feel of the façade is complemented by our renowned retractable roof system, a 12 bay wide, 75% opening glass roof that features 25mm thick insulated glazing panels, specially designed to reduce solar glare and provide excellent insulation.

Our Thales Cafe and patio enclosure is a perfect example of the flexibility of our designs and systems, allowing a perfect mesh of “ indoor comfort, outdoor freedom”  and design to match the locale.

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